Part 3 – Project 5 – Townscapes – Research

John Virtue

John Virtue - The Oxo Tower



Working as an associate at the National Gallery he concentrated in his usual style of black and white on the landscape of London.   His cityscapes are very similar in feel to his landscapes and seascapes.

Frank Auerbach

Frank Auerbach who is particularly known for his paintings and drawings of heads has also unrelentingly drawn the scene around his studio in Mornington Crescent London for the last 40 years plus.   Unlike his heads and figures these appear to be painted very quickly with broad strokes and striking colours.   Structurally they are strong but also represent the very hig-ildy pig-idly area where it is not always possible to pick out individual buildings or structures.

Auerbach urban painting

Mornington Crescent - Summer Morning - Frank Auerbach

Nisja Nisja

This Polish artist currently living in Amsterdam.   Again it is the structure, textures and her use of colours that she brings to a largely unpopulated canvas that I particularly enjoy.

Nisja Nisja red factory

Snowscape-With-House Nisja Nisja

Angela Wakefield

An English painter working exclusively in urban environments here and abroad.



Strong colours and dynamic perspective adds drama to her urban scenes.


I am drawn to both the dynamism of some of the urban painters particularly Virtue and Auerbach.   But equally there is something very engaging in the stark shapes of Nisja’s work.

My thoughts are that you can choose whether to evoke the energy of a cityscape or the alienation.    This is the choice of the artist as always.