Part 3 – Project 5 – Exercise 2 -Townscape using Line


So rather than using 2 adjacent pages I used my concertina sketchbook to draw the two views.

Above and below is the view from the Road Bridge across Shoreham Harbour and the Adur river. I am really drawn to this long view and particularly the right hand shore which has lots of banks and houseboats.   This is in strong contrast to the left-hand shore which is very built-up and is particularly emphasised by the drilling rig which is temporarily repairing the sea wall.


The view above and below are the alternate view from the pedestrian bridge looking inland towards the South Downs.

I chose this view to concentrate on as it more clearly fitted the brief of townscape.



The final drawing in a variety of media is not as accurate as I would have hoped.   I like the foreground much more than the buildings which seem rather crude though quite accurate. Not sure why the rig seems to lean over – maybe it was the angle I was drawing?



Part 3 – Project 5 – Exercise 1- Townscape Drawings


Initially I was trying to capture the shape and perspective of the view of Shoreham-by-Sea from the pedestrian bridge.   The tide was quite hight and the rig on the right was reflected in the water.   This reflection was what drew me to the scene much more than the buildings which do not interest me very much.


I then moved onto a more tonal approach which I is more successful in terms of showing the sober overcast winter day. The reflections and the foreshore come over stronger in this study. Little difficult trying to decide what to leave in and leave out.   There were a lot of vehicles and men but these seemed only to confuse the composition.


Finally I drew s more detailed drawing from the other side which is the road bridge.   Concentrating on the rig which was repairing the sea wall.  Unfortunately I chose a pencil which is very faint.


  1. Buildings and their environment are not my most natural elements
  2. I am interested in the river its ebbs and flows and the reflection on the water.
  3. Also I like the long view better than the detail – see next exercise.
  4. It is important to make early compositional decisions about what to include and what to leave out otherwise the images can get very confusing.