Exercise 2 – Observing Shadow

Exercise 2

I don’t know why but I find working solely in tone really difficult and had put off doing this exercise.  So with the tried and tested method I jumped in prepared to make a mess if necessary.  Found it very difficult not to “draw” i.e. as in line rather than tone but struggled on and found some form but not particularly happy with them.

Exercise 2-2

Again a bit at sea with this.  Everything has a tendency to merge and finding the difference in the tones was a little more successful. Not very happy working in just charcoal.  Feel I am not in charge and end up making marks without actually contemplating what they are representing.


It is a hard discipline not to retreat into making outlines of objects and to struggle to find their form and make them real on the page.  One of the aspects that I have found hard coming back to drawing is developing my concentration for looking again.  Trying to stay with the task but finding I have to walk away and come back to look again.  Keeping focus is something that I will have to concentrate on developing.