Part 1 – Exercise 1 – Form & Gesture – Warm-up


I was standing on the platform and saw this dummy lying on the ground.   Took a photo and thought afterwards that this was an acceptable composition


Was interested in the idea of an image being temporary and outside of the Tate Britain they had just re-surfaced the road and rolled over some leaves which became embedded in the surface.   It is like an instant print which will not last as the weather and traffic wears down the surface.


Again walking along the sun came out for a fleeting second and I caught myself and the railing in shadow. This is far more evocative than I thought it would be as it has both time and place included in the image.   Also the angle of the sun means that the time of the year, autumn, is alluded to with the long shadow.


Just a fleeting shadow across the floor of my room.  Again I find this full of time, place and seasonal references.


Of course using a photograph to capture something is in itself a passing temporary moment in time.   However I was interested in how by noticing and looking more closely at the world around me I was able to find “compositions” which have a depth of interest and story attached to them.

The main learning for me is to be aware, notice more, be more curious and find the unusual in the everyday.