Part 3 – Project 2 – Exercise 2 – Sketchbook Walk


Drawing landscape is something I have literally never done so it was an adventure in itself.  One of the places I walk my dog nearly daily is Worthing/Ferring beach.   This first sketch was walking towards the West.   It is December and not a very bright day. However having drawn the sketch above I decided not to dull down the sky and light effect as it is a reminder of sometimes how bright a lovely the light can be. So to that end it was  a correct representation but not in colour.


I worked with water soluble crayons and charcoal.   The weather is getting very cold and my hands are freezing.   The murky colours and shades of the sky, sea and low-time beach are descriptive of the day.   For a quick sketch I was surprised how much I was able to capture.


Being determined but freezing I turned towards the east and tried very quickly to bring out the characteristics of Goring Greensward – this is a forest remnant that comes almost down to the sea.   I was able to capture the directional qualities of the scene but no detail or tone.


Even sketchier as my fingers were all but gone at this stage.  Turned towards the north and Highdown Hill(see 360 exercise next). Proportionally this works but I was not able to capture any detail or tonal qualities.

Considering I have never tried this kind of work before and the conditions were not good for staying outside I was pleased with what I had managed to capture in 1 hour. Also it made me more aware of what variety there is to capture.