Part 3 – Project 3 – Reflection

In some ways I have found it hard to work on these exercises at this particular time of the year – October – February.   Certainly I have learnt lessons about taking information that I can then use to develop further studies in the studio something which I had not understood how artists did until now.

It has been frustrating because having done early studies I was not then able because of the weather conditions to visit the sites again to further develop my studies to a degree that I felt satisfied with.   However I have learnt that I enjoy landscape which is something which I have never tried before.   In particular I have become fascinated by the trees, their shapes, proportions etc.   The winter has been a good time to focus on the outlines of the trees which are bare of leaves at this time of the year.

Furthermore I have been frustrated by having to stay with the particular exercises – as you will see in the sketchbook I have taken time out to do some other studies which were particularly triggered by the Paul Nash exhibition as well as looking at some hard pruned trees near the Tate Britain gallery.




These are a combination of collage and drawing from items collected along the beach during the drawing process.   Strong influence from the Paul Nash and Eileen Agar period of combining imagery.   Would have like to develop these further but worry about getting sidetracked away from the projects in the coursework.




These two studies and spin-offs were from triggered by looking at some very hard pruned trees outside Tate Britain which looked like fingers angst like projected towards the sky and freedom.

Distance and form were not difficult to construct but chancing light and weather conditions when outside make it difficult to pin these down.   I think I realise you have to make decisions about the moment you want to capture put in the strong shadows and light conditions and stick with it.

I enjoyed building the layers of the drawings but once again felt inhibited by the conditions to take the time I would have liked to achieve these more successfully.

Note to self:-    Spend as much time out of doors when the weather permits taking as many notes as possible and different colour, light, tone studies so that when I return to the studio I have ample material to work with.

These studies and exercises have certainly whetted my appetite for future outdoor work!!   If only there was the time…..