Project 2 – Exercise 4 – Monochrome

Project 2 exercise 4 - finding composition

Did spend quite a lot of time looking for objects to pull together and a setting in which to put them.   Took loads of photos and again started with much too much and too complex to deal with.   Had been looking at quite a lot of contmeporary still life photographers,  Krista van der Niet,  Laura Letinsky and Saara Ekstrom as part of the research into still life generaly. (see images below)

Krista van der Niet

Laura Letinsky 2


So then I paired the objects down and also introduced using a grid which I had made on an acetate sheet.   The grid idea came from a life drawing class which I have been taking for the last couple of months.

Project 2 exercise 4 - final composition

Using the grid to plot the drawing more accurately I find exceedingly difficult because the eye\brain does not necessarily come up with the same outcome and is very confusing.  But I stuck to it for this drawing particularly which made me resent it somewhat and find hard to complete.

Had tried a few sketches in my book to help decide on paper and materials to use. Decided on Khadi paper with water soluble wax crayons and coloured pencils. Was and remain slightly confused by how to remain monochrome when dealing basically with a light colour like yellow. So brought in browns but did not know whether I should have found my tones using greys/black.

Project 2 - Exercise 4 - Monochrome

This piece was really a struggle.   Firstly because I promised myself that I would keep with using the grid to plot the drawing and this was mentally quite a non instinctive way of working for me.  But in terms of the compositional outcome I think it worked better than many of my previous drawings.Again I think this should be chopped down to a square.

Project 2 - Exercise 4 - Monochrome cropped

Not sure?  There is more of the dynamic of the view with the original size but it shows how I tend to tail off top and bottom of a piece and loose overall the density.

I think I have captured the two front lemons and parts of the washing-up gloves.   The corn on the cobs were fading fast by the last day and I did not spend that much time on the detail.  However overall proportion and perspective are better probably due to using the grid.

Did I think this through more – yes I think so but I found it boring as a subject and kept having to remind myself that it was just one exercise. I do like the way the paper works with the lemons and texture f the checked rug.

Overall not as disastrous as I thought it would be!