Part 4 – Project 3 – Form – Exercise 3 – Stance

stance 1


stance 3

6 min end of session

Standing 10 minutes 2


standing 10 minute 3


standing 20 mins

The above sketches vary from 2, 5 10 minute poses and different materials. The last 3 are all the same model and I think I have managed more accurately to find the weight and angle of the stances.


stance 4 colour

Separately I worked on this single piece building up the colour as a way of finding the form of the pose.   I like how the torso has come alive in the use of the contours of the marks and have tried hard to keep the essence of the pose and the twist of the body.

Perhaps it is better to over exaggerate the angles in the first place in order not too loose the pose as I work into it.


Part 4 – Project 3 – Form – Exercise 1 – Basic Shapes

seated 10 minute nude

This is a pair of studies 10 minutes and 40 minutes I undertook in a life class.   I have endeavoured to work slower and with the pencil faintly rendering the marks until I am more certain about the positioning.

I think I have learnt more about how to create the “thereness” of a figure.  I find I am not actually measuring but moving across the figure with the ghost of the pencil until I can visualise it before putting in a mark.

The foreshortening of the right leg with the knee facing me worked quite well – although probably still too long in the thigh.

20 minute seated nude

For the longer study I did the same process of building up the lines faintly at first and then moving forward with defining the areas of tone.   I still find it difficult to decide how to build up the tonal areas and have tried different ways with cross-hatching etc. In order to render more weight to the figure I need to find ways to depict the context – in this case a sofa.

More looking and less lines!

Part 1 – Exercise 1 – Form & Gesture – Warm-up


I was standing on the platform and saw this dummy lying on the ground.   Took a photo and thought afterwards that this was an acceptable composition


Was interested in the idea of an image being temporary and outside of the Tate Britain they had just re-surfaced the road and rolled over some leaves which became embedded in the surface.   It is like an instant print which will not last as the weather and traffic wears down the surface.


Again walking along the sun came out for a fleeting second and I caught myself and the railing in shadow. This is far more evocative than I thought it would be as it has both time and place included in the image.   Also the angle of the sun means that the time of the year, autumn, is alluded to with the long shadow.


Just a fleeting shadow across the floor of my room.  Again I find this full of time, place and seasonal references.


Of course using a photograph to capture something is in itself a passing temporary moment in time.   However I was interested in how by noticing and looking more closely at the world around me I was able to find “compositions” which have a depth of interest and story attached to them.

The main learning for me is to be aware, notice more, be more curious and find the unusual in the everyday.


Part 1 – Project 2 – Group of Objects – Still Life – form

31 May 2016 2

Freaked out again with the prospect of drawing a still life and an exercise proper.  In the end thought the best way was to allow myself to make a series of messy drawings – pulling myself back into looking again.

Liked some of the shape making rather than the marks. Also lost all of the subject matter along the way but didn’t mind because it got me going.

Lesson:- When in doubt make a mess

31 May 2016 3

Another messy one trying to find the shapes and spaces.  Enjoyed this much more.  Although this is not an accurate outcome.  Does it matter?  I like the fact that the drawing is characterful. It interests me. More varied mark making.

31 May 2016 4

Not as messy but more accurate although not correct.  Getting beyond outline which is not the purpose of the exercise.

Intentionality :- a word that came up over the weekend and struck a cord.  When there is intention in the mark making it is much more successful. I tend to dive in and fill in the space because I can’t bear the white.

31 May 2016 5

Final drawing in the sketchbook. With more concentration getting the layout of the objects.   They are now “in place” although that place is in the air.

Now going to work on a larger piece to see what comes through.

31 May 2016 6

This is roughly an A1 size and have used more varied materials. Still floating.  Got to a point that I didn’t know what to do more.   Most of the forms are there and some of the texture but didn’t want to shade in.

Being me I couldn’t resist trying something completely different so added some pieces of extra paper.

31 May 2016 7

Would have been better if the pieces of paper didn’t have straight edges and more like my old collage style. Also the tonality of the pieces of added paper are too bright but I do like certain passages of the piece and parts where it overlaps.

final close up

Learning:- I am pleased to have got going.  But am finding my concentration time is not that long at the moment but suppose that that will come back with time.  Also need to be more discerning about what I am trying to achieve.  Perhaps more standing back and looking.