Part 4 – Project 6 – The Head – Exercise 3 – Portrait from Memory or the Imagination

The idea of creating a portrait from memory or imagination really freaked me out.   I don’t know why and couldn’t think how to start.   So I began by making a couple of quick collages using images from recent colour supplements.   In fact I really rather like the one on the right with the cat ears.   Started to draw from this but not in itself very satisfactory – trying to make it a face instead of what it is.

And then I remembered seeing on the bus a very young mother with a new born baby.   It was a particularly poignant scene because her mother was sitting next to her and the new mother was breastfeeding her baby.  In order to retain her dignity her mother was holding a scarf over the baby whilst her other hand rested on her daughter’s shoulder.   I was really touched by this scene with one generation supporting the next in this very protective but not overwhelming way.

imagination girl on the bus

Anyway with this image in my mind I started to draw and am interested and intrigued by what I have produced.   This does look in some way like a Madonna and child and more surprisingly there are aspects of the face that are reminiscent of the young mother I saw the day before. It is not her, it is not the best drawing (proportionally) but I have captured something of the moment that I witnessed.

head dix style

Otto Dix style head

single figure and head sheile

Egon Shiele style figure

Just added these two drawings in because I like them!



Part 4 – Project 3 – Form – Exercise 3 – Stance

stance 1


stance 3

6 min end of session

Standing 10 minutes 2


standing 10 minute 3


standing 20 mins

The above sketches vary from 2, 5 10 minute poses and different materials. The last 3 are all the same model and I think I have managed more accurately to find the weight and angle of the stances.


stance 4 colour

Separately I worked on this single piece building up the colour as a way of finding the form of the pose.   I like how the torso has come alive in the use of the contours of the marks and have tried hard to keep the essence of the pose and the twist of the body.

Perhaps it is better to over exaggerate the angles in the first place in order not too loose the pose as I work into it.