Exhibitions – Part 4

Phoenix Brighton – Present Tense

PB 1  Kiki Stickl

University of Brighton – Cathie Pilkington

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Fabrica, Brighton – THEY

An exhibition by respected Turkish artist Ipek Duben comes to Brighton this Spring. THEY/ONLAR, a multi-screen video installation, previously seen at SALT, Istanbul, Turkey, will be presented at Fabrica for its UK premiere.

THEY/ONLAR focuses on how Turkish society views They or the Other. Through the stories of several individuals the artist goes behind the scene in Turkish society, allowing us to glimpse her country’s diversity of ethnic, religious and gender positions, the perceptions of members of the Sunni majority, and the everyday discrimination and resistance that it engenders.

In Turkey They covers many ethnic, and religious groups: Kurds, Alevis, Armenians, Jews, Rum (Greek) and Romanis. They also refers to LGBT people, women, covered women, women subjected to domestic violence.

Through their personal testimonies Duben’s subjects discuss their histories, attitudes, prejudices, hear-say and personal experiences concerning each other. But in portraying Turkish society Ipek Duben ultimately invites us to examine ourselves in our context: to listen; to learn; to understand; to be generous to, rather than threatened by the Other.

Co-produced with Brighton Festival and with the generous support of SAHA Foundation

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Part 4 – Project 6 – My Head – Exercise 2

Project 6 Exercise 2 - self head 1

I surprised myself with this drawing – only water soluble pencils which I have just discovered. The proportions are fairly accurate and lifelike. A bit generous on my mouth.  Like the way the tones and angles of the face work quite effectively.

Project 6 Exercise 2 head self 2

This second version came from an initial blind face drawing with red chalk and then overworked with charcoal and rubbed back.   Not as much of a likeness in fact more of my younger self but in some ways more penetrating.

detail project 6 exercise 2 self 3

Part of a further drawing using water soluble wax crayons.

Project 6 exercise 2 line drawing oil pastels.

A monoprint from an oil pastel covered paper and worked from the back. Could imagine working on layers on this with different colours and mark making instruments.

Project 6 exercise 2 self overdrawn

I like this in a way because it is me all over.   Getting into something and then loosing it completely.   Forgetting the basics along the way.


I believe the first pencil drawing was the most accurate and life like.   Perhaps because I was more accurate and took my time?    However I didn’t vary the angle enough or concentrate on different light sources.

However I have subsequently tried other materials and methods and am beginning to understand how I could become obsessed with capturing ones own image.   I am thinking that I might concentrate on this for the Assignment 5 but with other still life elements – i.e. the doll etc.