Assignment 2 – My Response

  • So slow down, think carefully about what you want to achieve from this drawing and then know when to stop.

This remains an on-going issue for me.   Although I often intend to take a particular path with a drawing and even write down what I am intending to do once I start I get carried away – and veer off-course.   This also ties in with not stepping back enough and looking from a distance – particularly in the life-classes I feel impelled to get on with things because time is limited.

I know I need to concentrate on doing less, being more selective about what I am undertaking.   However this still remains a challenge when faced with certain exercises and assignments.

  • Often we are so desperate to draw that we don’t realise what we want to say and how to achieve it in closer detail.

I am not sure that I often think about what I want to “say” about a particular pose – it is easier with still-life as this is something I can set up with a purpose in mind.   When I review what other’s are undertaking in a life-class – not by way of criticism of my own work but because I am fascinated by the different styles and interpretations.   Sometimes I think I should just sit behind someone and see the way that they work – what stages, what choices, what materials etc.   This might be an interesting learning exercise.

But when the fire of drawing takes hold it is difficult not to be drawing myself and just watching!

  • I think it may be because you like the graphic qualities and formal elements that you see in design and although this wrestles at times with your love of texture I think that with more experience you will get to know how to bring these things together in a satisfactory way.

This is absolutely true I like both aspects as well and the tight and free styles in mark-making.   This is a lot to take on board at this stage.  Which goes back to more experimentation without necessarily an end drawing in mind.

  • Tonally it is still very ‘middle of the ground’ and could have benefited from a little more exploration in the first instance with your chosen mediums (try to get into this habit if you can before jumping straight in)

Again this is connected to the 2 points above.   I have a strong sense of colour but do find tonal qualities difficult.   This is something I need to keep working on – being aware of and self-critical when looking at a composition.

Perhaps if I view this compositionally – i.e. make clear choices of the dark, medium and lighter tones when I am planning a piece, it will be more successful.   Part of me thinks though this is just more and more and more practice.

  • The narrative to the work is coming through and I think that you could explore the black background in the future as I think it could lead to some very exciting discoveries.

I very much enjoyed falling across my own narrative in the pieces . It surprised me how absorbed I became in the still life drawings as initially I could not engage with this as subject matter. Yes the dark, dark, and noir aspects continue to fascinate and may bring this into the Part 5 pieces.



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