Assignment 1 – My Response

NOTE:- I am writing these responses as I await the tutor report on Assignment 4 and thinking about what I am going to work on for Part 5 of the course.

I don’t know how to approach this really but have highlighted areas that I think I need to address and will comment on those.   Firstly I will respond to the overall tone of the report.

It was really difficult at times to engage with some of the exercises from the first section of the Drawing 1 course.   This was because I began to feel I was having to go back to the beginning again and did not know if I have the stamina to continue to engage with the work.   However having realised that the reason I was taking this whole thing was because I had never really done this stuff from the beginning and worked through the various stages – which has over time caused there to be many gaps in my understanding and techniques.

I did get over this and the frustrations of things not working or not being able to concentrate on looking with enough intensity.    Overall I was really pleased with my tutor’s response to my work and particularly the assignment piece which became very personal very quickly.

Most of all I was gratified with the time she had taken in looking at all the work and the learning log and responding in such a full and supportive way.   I have a legacy of not being supported artistically and also a very damaging experience of art school as a mature student which knocked my confidence to the extent that I did no work for 10 years.

Points I have picked out:-

  • Continue to Take More Risks – Not be Fearful of Failure  

This has plagued me all the way through – what are the risks I should take, is it technique, materials, process?   I have found myself moving from one kind of risk taking to another but often having planned to work in a “new ” way not going through with it and resorting to tried and tested ways.   It is difficult to get it “wrong” for me and to believe that there is learning in there.   To do work that is not admired but for its own sake is certainly a challenge.  To this extent I don’t think I have done enough experimentation with mark making, multi-media combinations, sampling, etc.

  • Point of the course is to challenge new techniques, processes and new ways of working

This is of course a reference to the above point and thinking about how far is far?   I feel a bit like a mouse who sticks its nose out of the hole now and again and goes for it across the wide space ahead but spends quite a lot of time looking around working up the courage to take the next dash.

  • More Written Work in Support of Research into Other Artists Work in Support of my Own Studies.

I don’t find writing easy being dyslexic and find my ability to express my ideas and responses can be limited.   Though I love to read I don’t think I have grasped how to use note taking effectively and then how to fit it together when I am writing my learning log. Also I can get carried away with reading (and not note taking) and then jump back into the practical work not taking the ideas with me.

At this stage I am still finding this a challenge and to work out why my tutor has suggested certain artists to look at.

  • Look More closely at Other Artist’s Compositions to Record and Analyse

Certainly STILL not doing enough of this – like everything I do I need to slow down and be more thoughtful rather than immediate with my response.  Too much of I know what I like kind of attitude still prevalent in my thinking.






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