Part 4 – Project 6 – The Head – Exercise 1 – Facial Features

Project 6 Exercise 1 Heads

I am beginning to build up a collection of images of the head and features in my anatomy book.   This will be an ongoing process.

eyes etcmouthshead 2heads 2

Research – Heads – Historic & Contemporary

From da Vinci, Raphael and Rubens everything from very accurate use of line to very subtle use of tone.

Matisse, Corot and Degas – line, line and tone, tone.

From Graham Little through Maggie Hambling to Marlene Dumas – the last two my favourites.   I have questions about where drawing stops and painting begins or does it?

The really expressive marks that Hambling takes I find invigorating.  Dumas on the other hand uses different tones and marks in a very penetrating way.   Once again I am caught between the intensity and the simplicity of the images and how powerful both can be.



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