Part 4 – Project 6 – My Head – Exercise 2

Project 6 Exercise 2 - self head 1

I surprised myself with this drawing – only water soluble pencils which I have just discovered. The proportions are fairly accurate and lifelike. A bit generous on my mouth.  Like the way the tones and angles of the face work quite effectively.

Project 6 Exercise 2 head self 2

This second version came from an initial blind face drawing with red chalk and then overworked with charcoal and rubbed back.   Not as much of a likeness in fact more of my younger self but in some ways more penetrating.

detail project 6 exercise 2 self 3

Part of a further drawing using water soluble wax crayons.

Project 6 exercise 2 line drawing oil pastels.

A monoprint from an oil pastel covered paper and worked from the back. Could imagine working on layers on this with different colours and mark making instruments.

Project 6 exercise 2 self overdrawn

I like this in a way because it is me all over.   Getting into something and then loosing it completely.   Forgetting the basics along the way.

drawing 2

Was trying out different surfaces and materials – here inks on a heavy anaglypta paper I found in a local DIY store. I can imagine working further into this with different materials.

food head 1

food head 2

Wracking my brains to come up with different materials I mixed up solutions of different foods an spices for the two images above – chilli powder, turmeric, coffee, redbush tea, green tea and cocoa. Meant to add beetroot but didn’t have any to hand. Something of the first image I like very much – it reminds me a bit of Marlene Dumas.

In the sketchbook I went on to create other images involved in the idea of being packaged…this is not a lost idea but something I may work on in the future in Part 5.

Packaging 1



I believe the first pencil drawing was the most accurate and life like.   Perhaps because I was more accurate and took my time?    However I didn’t vary the angle enough or concentrate on different light sources.

However I have subsequently tried other materials and methods and am beginning to understand how I could become obsessed with capturing ones own image.   I am thinking that I might concentrate on this for the Assignment 5 but with other still life elements – i.e. the doll etc.




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