Part 4, Project 5, Exercise 2 – Groups of Figures

Moving figure 5


moving figures crowd 2


moving figures crowd 3

This was far more fun and more successful than I had expected.   But the best part was the people coming up and talking – some of the dialogue I have written at the top of the sketches.

The first sketch was just warming up and thinking about how people might look moving around.   By the time I was working on the second page I was looking more closely and finding that the only way to achieve anything like a sense of the individuals was to spot someone in the distance walking towards me or someone walking away and draw them for the few seconds I had them in my sight.    I think from the second page I could begin to build up a drawing at home but really I need to spend far more time doing this exercise to become more observant and to make detailed notes about particular figures.

The final page was watching people around the bus stop so was more static but became more engaged in the particular characters around.   The woman with the dog and the large man sitting on a bench.   I also like the little huddle of people in the bus shelter.

Two hours went by really quickly and I can imagine spending more time doing this in the future.  There is no sense of the place in my sketches and I would have to think about whether I want to include that or not.


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