Part 4 – Project 3 – Form – Exercise 1 – Basic Shapes

seated 10 minute nude

This is a pair of studies 10 minutes and 40 minutes I undertook in a life class.   I have endeavoured to work slower and with the pencil faintly rendering the marks until I am more certain about the positioning.

I think I have learnt more about how to create the “thereness” of a figure.  I find I am not actually measuring but moving across the figure with the ghost of the pencil until I can visualise it before putting in a mark.

The foreshortening of the right leg with the knee facing me worked quite well – although probably still too long in the thigh.

20 minute seated nude

For the longer study I did the same process of building up the lines faintly at first and then moving forward with defining the areas of tone.   I still find it difficult to decide how to build up the tonal areas and have tried different ways with cross-hatching etc. In order to render more weight to the figure I need to find ways to depict the context – in this case a sofa.

More looking and less lines!

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