Part 3 -Project 5 – Exercise 3 – Limited Palette Study


Started by trying this limited pallet study with 4 coloured pencils.   However apart from the fact that the rig is leaning again I find it very uninspiring.   It appears flat and uninteresting to me. So rather than continue I moved on to the study below.

Project 5 exercise 3 limited palette study

In this study I tried to use just the traditional conte sticks and charcoal.   It is much more atmospheric and has a mood which related to the day, the weather and the time of year.  Again it is rather stark but of all the drawings I have done of the town I am most satisfied with this one.

If time and weather had permitted it would have been good to draw more of the extent of the view from the concertina drawings.


  1. With perseverance I can achieve something of the built environment but it seems this is only relevant to me when it is in relation to the natural environment too.
  2. I am going to revisit these views at different times of the year – when there is more colour I might find it more challenging and interesting.
  3. Unlike landscape these studies have been a struggle and not a revelation.


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