Part 3 – Project 5 – Exercise 2 -Townscape using Line


So rather than using 2 adjacent pages I used my concertina sketchbook to draw the two views.

Above and below is the view from the Road Bridge across Shoreham Harbour and the Adur river. I am really drawn to this long view and particularly the right hand shore which has lots of banks and houseboats.   This is in strong contrast to the left-hand shore which is very built-up and is particularly emphasised by the drilling rig which is temporarily repairing the sea wall.


The view above and below are the alternate view from the pedestrian bridge looking inland towards the South Downs.

I chose this view to concentrate on as it more clearly fitted the brief of townscape.



The final drawing in a variety of media is not as accurate as I would have hoped.   I like the foreground much more than the buildings which seem rather crude though quite accurate. Not sure why the rig seems to lean over – maybe it was the angle I was drawing?


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