Part 3 – Project 4 – Exercise 3 – Aerial or atmospheric perspective

Project 4 exercise 3 areal atmospheric

I decided to take on atmospheric perspective for this exercise and went back to Highdown Hill where I had drawn in November.   Because of personal circumstances and the limitations of the weather I have not undertaken the exercises in Part 3 sequentially and it is now March.

This first view above I undertook using chalk/pastel crayons which I had not used previously and thought they would lend themselves to the setting.   Also this first drawing was undertaken early in the day when the mist was still sitting on the landscape.

I am still finding greens very difficult to render in tonal values that do justice to the light. The actual sketch shows more of the foreground detail.   The middle ground I think is unresolved in this sketch but I like the longview and the implied buildings and detail in the distance.

Project 4 exercise 3 charcoal and conte

For this second drawing I was going for a more John Virtue type of image and believe that I capture some of this in the foreground.   However the rest descends into an unresolved mess rather than distance.   Part of this was because I had prepared some heavy watercolour paper beforehand but it is NOT and not HP and when I came to try to work with the conte they did not work in the way I had wanted.

Although I believed I had spent more time thinking forward before I went out to draw I am not being focused enough with my materials and papers etc.  Also this is quite a small sketch and in order to produce the drama that I would like to introduce to this scene I think I need to work bigger and bolder so that the landscape is rendered more concrete in the marks and tones.

Project 4 exercise 3 coloured crayons

This third piece I had prepared the ground with 3-4 colour washes using the water soluble crayons and left to dry.   Again my preparation wasn’t careful enough and the initial green I sued was not a water soluble but wax and then again the greens weren’t right.

By the time I started the over drawing it was around noon and the colours generally were much stronger than with the initial sketch. I think in the actual sketch the foreground is the more interesting part of the drawing and I struggled to get the tones right for the middle ground.

Learning Log:-

  1. More careful preparation of drawing materials and papers before leaving house
  2. Try working larger where more dramatic work is needed
  3. Be bolder in the tonal variations in order to achieve the perspective required.
  4. Perhaps be prepared to work in a more concentrated way on one larger piece than several smaller ones.

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