Part 3 – Project 3 – Research Point

page 68

Seurat & Dean





  • Both are tonal drawings using black and white/paper colour
  • Probably both drawings are made from the perspective of the viewer


  • In terms of scale Tacita Dean’s drawing is epic and comes from a series where she had developed a series over several floors of the gallery and the drawings reflect the perspective of the viewer as down in the valley, opposite the mountains and looking down on the mountains.
  • Dean therefore breaks up foreground, middle ground and back ground into 3 different drawings.
  • Dean’s drawing is on blackboard so developing light out of darkness as opposed to Seurat where darkness/tone is developed from the neutral tone of the paper itself which is light.
  • DEan’s drawing has multiple subtulties of tone whereas Seurat has far fewer.

David Korty



I really like this series by Korty where line and mark have become surface and planes.   They also depict shapes and tone in a different way.   They are somewhat reminiscent of  some of Van Gogh’s drawing where the mark making of pen is taken to a very sophisticated level.


Marcel Odenbach


Another interesting series using collage as a drawing technique.   The spaces are as important as the trees themselves built up in layers of tonal variance.



This one reminds me a little of the trunk of the tree which I chose to draw in detail.



Jeremy Gardiner


I had not come across this painter before but very much like his bold block like collage technique for building up the layers of the landscape.


The way the compositions border on the abstract is engaging.


Strong forms where line is almost eliminated.


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