Part 3 – Project 3 – Exercise 2 – Foreground, middle ground, background


Again I chose to develop one of the sketches which I had drawn in the 360 exercise at the top of Highdown Hill.   Weather being what it was I couldn’t now draw outside so using sketches, photograph and grid I worked up the drawing to an A3 size on cartridge paper.

I am not sure now whether it was meant to be a black and white drawing but I used my water soluble coloured pencils throughout. This type of exercise is not something I have ever tried to do before taking something back to the studio to develop and expand.

In terms of a foreground, middle ground and background exercise it is not the best of subjects because the foreground is rough grass and  indistinct paths.   I think I stuck with it because I like the banks of trees and bushes and the tones still remaining from branches leaves and undergrowth.

I really like the structural elements of the middle ground and pulling out the shapes. I am disappointed by the background mostly because the paper I had used is not very good when water is applied and buckled.   Did not allow me to blend the pencils and sort of gave up because I didn’t want it to deteriorate any further.

What I learned:-

  • I learned about building up the layers
  • I learned about picking the right materials – paper for the job in the first place
  • I learned that I really liked doing this drawing which surprised me
  • I learned that I need lots of practice to render the 3 areas of a landscape successfully

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