Part 3 -Project 2 – Reflections


I am definitely finding it difficult to try and pull ideas together and hence uploading the above image of ideas that are currently running around.

Since seeing the Kentridge exhibition I have been frustrated by the inability using something like this linear learning log to harness the multi layered thoughts/interests/research/reading/imagery which is around at the moment in my head.

This has really slowed up the work I have been trying to do to follow through on the exercises in the course.   I am both distracted and disorganised again because of this.   I am finding that the reading that I am doing takes time and space from actively drawing but that the thinking process is very important too.

After some hesitation I have decided to try to implement a 3 layer sketchbook/notebook/thoughts book?


This I have started in a very crude form.  I think that as I move along the 3 layers will intermingle and separate depending on what is going through my head/what I am reading/ and what studies/drawings I am making.    This is now an A3 size as I was feeling restricted by the size of the earlier book.

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