Part 3 – Project 2 – Exercise 3 – 360 Studies


For my 360 exercise I chose Highdown Hill on a much brighter day than I had on the beach.  Firstly I looked East towards Worthing town but down from the hill.   This was a relatively fast sketch designed to create the elements of the scene very quickly.   Just charcoal on pastel paper – the paper is actually ochre.    I thought it was a very effective way to capture a scene.


Looking to the north over towards the South Downs.   This time I have used the water soluble crays and some pencil. I like the structural quality of this sketch but tonally it does not work that well.   Parts are over worked and fussy which detracts from and interesting perspective.   The foreground of the broken hedgerow is not really that interesting in terms of working on detail.    However this could still provide a useful reference if I wanted to work up another drawing/painting in the studio.


Looking west into a copse on top of the hill.   Again this is water soluble crayon.   This is not the open view that was discussed in the exercise but I like the shape of the tree and it began to feel very Kandinsky – early paintings.   The colours seemed to have emerged themselves and would have liked to further enhance this.   However getting very cold and had to complete the 4th sketch.


Final sketch looking south .    The benches are very abstract in form and the shadows strong.   For this I used a combination of charcoal and the crayons on a paper with some tooth.  Not very well drawn but could see how this could work as an abstract composition with strong directional elements created by the combination of  benches, shadows, landscape layout.

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