Part 3 – Project 1 – Trees – Exercise 1


Without drawing the context for these trees it is quite difficult to sense how big or small they are.   The one above is quite squat and gnarled and when I drew it had lovely autumn foliage on it.  quite flowing….Just used my neocolor II crayons which are becoming a favourite with me.   They are so versatile especially when I am out drawing.


This is not a particularly attractive tree outside my front door.   It has the big carbuncles where branches have continuously been lopped off by the council. Here I was trying to see how little you could draw to get an impression of a tree and yet have character.


I don’t know what kind of tree this is but there are a lot of them in Worthing. Very large tree and here I have tried to give an impression of how large the spread of the foliage would be were it not winter.


This is an impression with inks of one of the large distinctive pines that are all the way down Grand Avenue – they must be at least 100 years old.   Very strong lines with the foliage clustered at the top of the tree.

It took me quite a long time to complete this exercise because I was looking for interesting trees and the more I looked the less satisfied I was with what I saw.   Most trees are fairly nondescript generally.  As you will see later I am interested in strong form and contrast.

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