Part 3 – Project 1 – Exercise 2- Larger Tree Study


AS I walk my dog along the beach daily i have been fascinated for years by these tamarisk trees which border the path at one point.   They are buffeted by the sea from the south all year round and are clearly cropped by vivaciously by the council to keep the paths open.


Thought I would try a study but got into a complete mess with trying to define the different trunks as I was working.   Don’t think that the rough paper suits the use of charcoal and crayon  so ended up with a ill defined image which I was not satisfied with.


Went back to the big pines in Grand Avenue and thought that I would work in more detail on a distinctive part of the trunk. It has this beautiful flaky layers which are like paper thin tissue layer upon layer as the trunk ruptures into these dark crevasses.


Really like the strong forms which this drawing shows the energy of the growth and splitting of the bark.   Used layers of crayon, washes and more crayon to build up the layers. This would be really interesting worked as an abstract even closer detail.


Having cut this and rotated it reminds me of a landscape I saw in a drama which were the lava fields in Iceland.   They looked intriguing.   Also remember that I had always had a strong interest in geography/geology and the form of the landscape.   This re awakens that awareness of my curiosity…..Must find more dramatic landscape to draw – not particularly prevalent in Sussex!!!

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