Assignment 2 – Bibliography

Carrier, D. and Bryson, N. (1992) ‘Looking at the overlooked. Four essays on still life painting’, The Art Bulletin, 74(2), p. 344.

Hendrix, L. (2016) Noir – The romance of Black in 19th Century French Drawings and Prints. Los Angeles: The J Paul Getty Museum.

Holland, C. (2016) A balance of spontaneity and control: Expressive mixed media landscapes by Robert Dutton – Jackson’s Art Blog. Available at: (Accessed: 18 October 2016).

Hughes, R. (2006) Goya. New York: Random House Inc.

Paas-Zeidler, S. and de Lapera, A.M. (1980) Goya: Caprichos, desastres, tauromaquia, disparates.

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