Sussex Open – Towner Gallery – Eastbourne

Annual exhibition selected by judging panel.

A few of the drawings and paintings I particularly liked and responded to.

Anny Evason

A pair of graphite drawings by Anny Evason.  Beautifully drawn showing the full diversity of marks available using just one medium.   As I am presently struggling with my own drawing I was awed by the expertise of these strong and evocative scenes.

“I make drawings as finished work, not just as preparation for something else. I find the process of drawing direct, spontaneous, fluid. The act itself is way of thinking. I aim for that elusive equilibrium between the mark and the iconography.”

Rachel Adams -  Cup of Possibility

Rachel Adams - First They Came


Rachel Adams – Cup of Possibility, First They Come, The Passenger.

I particularly like the use of flat colour and tonal blocks in these paintings. The way the paintings evoke memories, photographic reminiscences of her life.


Sheila Morrow – Hand Embroidery

This is actually deep red stitching taken from a 2 minute sketch.   I like the way the spontaneity of the drawing has stayed true in this hand worked piece.




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