Part 2 – Reflection

I have learnt a very hard lesson whilst working through the Part 2 – Intimacy module.

One of the tendencies I have is to get sucked into research and discovery which I noted during the Part 1 work.   So for this module I thought I would concentrate on the research at the beginning of the module.  I did a lot of reading (see bibliography Part 2) and became very involved in thinking about still life its history and significance.  However at some stage, I can’t remember now how many days I spent on the research, I though I had better get on with some drawing.

However, I now realise on returning to the material some weeks on that I haven’t written up any notes and have completely forgotten where I was going with the thinking and reading.

Consequence 1: – I have now to revisit all the reading and research.

Secondly I was so eager to get on with the drawing, moving from one exercise to the next that I did not write up my blog.

Consequence 2: – I have lost the detailed experience of each piece of work as I created them.

Finally, along the way there were various fleeting thoughts, ideas, associations, flights of fancy that I have also now lost.

Consequence 3:- I have not been able to recreate my conscious and unconscious thought patterns. 

This is a hard lesson…… in my eagerness to move forward I have deprived myself of useful processes and time.

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