Project 1 – Still Life – Sketchbook Natural Forms

Lilly - ink and negative space

Started working in my sketchbook and on separate pieces of paper with the natural object theme.   Initially in my sketchbook whilst trying to do too many things at one.   I wanted to define outline, find negative space and be representational.  Ended up with an outline drawing which doesn’t achieve any of these effectively.   Am finding that I continue to find it hard to stay with one kind of thinking and not allow my concentration to move on.  i.e. to look at negative space without looking at detail.

In the drawing above I tried again to define the negative space before laying down anything else.   Then being freer with coloured inks sought to define the objects, flowers themselves.   Considered continuing to work but there is something in the detail of the negative and outline  v the freedom of the ink that I like.   Although not a successful drawing, whatever that is I enjoy the contrast.

Learning: Could have been more careful with the ink and put in the background – see photograph below which would have given it greater definition. (photograph not the exact still life as I changed the composition along the way).

Lilly still life

Kept readjusting the composition in a way for it to become more defined, simpler to deal with and maybe more eloquent.

In the sketchbook tried working in coloured pencils then wash.   Can see that I could be working into and again out of the work by using the wash.  Tend to get bogged down in the detail  and didn’t spend long enough building up the tones and shadows.

Generally I like what the coloured pencils do and how they can be precise as well as more expressive with laying over different colours and using the cross-hatching method to gain depth.

Lilly sketchbook

With this last one in the sketchbook I drew lightly with coloured pencils, background with ink and overworked with coloured chalks.   The composition – my usual problem of not fitting everything into the page – is truncated but on reflection I quite like this and find it interesting.  Some overworking with graphite pencil in the lily flower.

Learning: I constantly move from liking the detail to liking the bigger gestures.  Also enjoy the feeling and definition created using the chalks.   There is a lot going on in this drawing that would be interesting to develop but am not sure at this point how to go about it effectively.

Am becoming aware that I tend to “fill in” create shadow using lines moving in one particular direction – need to expand this gestural marking to work with the tones and shadows of any particular composition.

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