Project 2 – Still Life – Different Media

Bottle and furit photo - still life

AT this stage I really got confused and looking back I now realise that this phase of work was not about mixed media but more about trying still life with different media.

In my sketchbook I tried many different combinations again and layouts.  One thing I wanted to do was bring in different surfaces and I like pattern too – particularly strong prints.

Project 2 still life solf chalks

This piece is purely in chalks on a pastel paper. I like the mark making but tend to blur the chalks as a “cheat” way of creating density.  Some of the detail reads well, cloth, flowerpot, apple but the top of the bottle is wrong.   If the whole composition was tighter and lost the top of the bottle (a la Cezanne) I think it would work better  /Still not achieving good over all tone across the drawing.

Project 2 still life solf chalks cropped

Works better when it is tighter.

Project 2 Still life water soluable crayons

Used water soluble wax crayons, ink and graphite pencils on white paper. The tighter composition is more effective particularly the off edge bottle as a matt black ink shape. Generally more dynamic.   Building up the colour with the crayons works quite effectively but not good on detail. Again that thing about using marks moving in one particular direction to depict tone on the white cloth. Need to break the habit and describe tones articulately with greater variety and maybe more colour in order to pull a drawing together.

project 2 still life - pastels on brown paper

Working quite quickly with water soluble crayons, chalks on brown paper.

Project 2 still life - mixed media

Coloured pencils, water soluble wax crayons, ink, chalk pastels, oil pastels on pastel paper.

Like the composition although more successful again if cut off at bottle.  Why is that?

Project 2 still life - mixed media cropped

Greater focus? Density? Drawing the eye into the centre of the composition without being distracted towards the outside edge?  Maybe I should concentrate on working on square compositions?

Some aspects more successful than others as usual.   Like the patterned cloth against the linen, the flowerpot, stone and bottle.    Apples over-coloured and the plant not as convincing as it could be.   Struggled with trying not to be over realistic with still keeping spontaneity.  Shadows/tones on line more interesting and varied.

Project 2 still life - ink drawn with stick

Tried spontaneity with ink and stick on Khadi paper. Having got to know the composition whilst working the other drawings thought it might be good to work quickly on a simpler piece.

Project 2 still life - inks sketch on khadi paper

Similar thought with this using coloured inks with a brush as well as the stick for outlines.

Learning:- Composition is so important.   

Trying to get everything in is a wasted exercise for me.   Being discerning about relationships of space negative and positive is key.   At various points I have become impatient trying to “find” a composition but now realise that this is more than half of the work towards a successful outcome.

Note: – I should photograph the various stages and analyse them initially before settling on what to start working on. Not hurry into the drawing. 


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