The Drawing

I started out by considering the mark making exercise from the first part of the course and was not at all sure how I could integrate these into a formal setting like a still life.

still life sketch 1

Made a couple of fast drawings with pen and ink – currently my favourite media to get the feel of the image.

still life sketch ink

By this time I had fiddled with the placing but had not documented the different layouts.   I realise I should have done this and also done some quick sketches of these and then be able to state my reasons for settling on the one which I chose.   This was partly because it was so fiddly and also the other great worry I have that I can spend a lot of time on the details (like the research) as a way of putting off doing the work.  This is an on-going problem as I think often the work I do quickly has more character.

Kept looking at the mark making exercise and chose the media that I enjoyed working with the most, charcoal, compressed charcoal, pen and ink, pencil (to a certain extent), conte sticks.

still life in progress

Part way through the drawing.   I like the plant in the flowerpot but when I made a wash of the leaves they turned brownish which is less satisfying.   Could have been more precise with drawing this but I was beginning to get rather fidgety with the whole thing   I have found it hard to stay with the process and make careful decisions about what media to use where.   Was thinking that although it is a still life I want it to have life and the type and variety of marks and tone should be doing that.   In some places – like the shadow of the sweet potato it has become expressive.

The complexity and variety of shadow direct and indirect I found difficult and at this point paused the work for a few days.  During this time the bitter gourds started to ripen and their colour changed dramatically.   Love the colours but they are starting to rot…

bitter gourds changing colour

Thought I had better do a sketch in case I loose them completely.

sketch bitter gourds

I really like this because I think I captured the textures of the vegetable and the marks are interesting.   However as you will see in the final drawing I did not draw with the same spontaneity and the images are less successful.

Completed Still Life Assignment 1 - reduced

The final drawing




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