Research & Context

mind map assignment 1 - drawing

When I started choosing the objects for the still life I was reading an article in Turps Banana ( Ltd, T.B. (2016) ‘Jan Bolivar in Conversation with John Greenwood’, Turps Banana, 1(#15), pp. 22–29. In-text citations: (Ltd, 2016) because I was trying to find a way to be interested in the concept of still life which initially didn’t particularly appeal to me. John Greenwood’s pieces create a fantastical world of objects.  The way they are placed and often hung seems to be a theatrical space and I am aware that when I am drawing  I want things to “be” somewhere. The idea that you can create a place appeals to my need for grounding the experience of drawing somewhere.

Greenwood cites the work of Juan Sanchez Cotan (1560-1627) as an influence.  with his hanging fruits and vegetables.

Cotan Still lIfe with Game Fowl

Still Life with Wild Fowl – Juan Sanchez Cotan 1600 ?

This image linked with my doll and the idea that if she were hanging she would be tethered- restricted – which resonated with my personal experience.

The inclusion of vegetables reminded me of a painting which I had always found intriguing in the National Gallery, London.   This painting – all I could remember was that it has a pickle in the foreground and with the wonder that is the internet I was able to trace it as:-


The Annunciation with Saint Emidius – Carlo Crivelli 1486

This painting has been a difficult one for me to understand because I have a Jewish background and most of the iconography of the church has been a mystery to my understanding.   However when reading further about the significance of the various items in the picture the whole concept of the metaphor became much clearer.   This immediately illuminated (annunciation) my understanding of my own choices of objects for my drawing.

I read a number of articles which explained this further in relation to paintings of this era.   However was aware that I have a tendency to get bogged down in research so have decided to leave further study to a later time if it continues to be relevant.

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Tobin, J. (2014) Fruits and vegetables as sexual metaphor in late renaissance Rome. Available at: (Accessed: 15 June 2016).





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