Assessment Criteria

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

I believe that I have developed my visual skills as I have worked through the exercises to the final drawing.   However as noted previously I think that my initial drafting needs to be more precise. The design and compositions meets the criteria I had set myself to shadow the work of the artists which I have noted.  But I think that the whole drawing could have been much tighter and have therefore created more drama to the composition. The finished drawing is interesting but not compulsive.  I would assess this section as a 2.2

Quality of Outcome

I think the drawing is a competent realisation of the ideas that I was trying to portray. Much greater judgement was used that I have previously brought to my work.   However if I had not been impatient I think as I have said that I could have redrafted the whole drawing and made more competent decisions.  Again I would assess this section as a 2.2.

Demonstration of Creativity

Again I believe I have shown some development throughout the process of the exercises and have been analytical about the content.  I particularly enjoyed making the connections with other artists’ work, Crivelli, Sanchez Cotan and Greenwood in order to find a context for the drawing and ideas. In the past I have taken a very superficial view on different artists’ work – do I like it/ don’t I like it.   I have found myself more drawn into the pieces and the history of art than I had expected I would.   The struggle for me is not to get too drawn into the research process and away from physical drawing. It was a surprise to me how personal the still life became and  an effective articulation of past experience.   I think this section could be bordering on a 2.1


The whole span of context was opened up through this drawing exercise which has been a very welcome development.   It is what I have been searching for and these early shoots I have found very satisfying.   I am not sure about whether the breadth is wide enough.   However I was very interested to chance upon the Hockney debate about camera lucinda and its impact on image depiction.

The use of this blog (learning log) has become more natural but finding the balance is once again a challenge.   The balance between doing the actual drawing and reflecting/researching is tough for me.

My sketchbook work is developing slowly and I enjoyed joining a local sketchcrawl and lifeclass which has helped with widening my drawing experiences in a more regular way. I think this is also a 2.2.






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