Review 13 June 2016

As I have noted earlier I find the whole tonal exercises very difficult. I am aware of the different kinds of reflections but not sure that I have made any distinct differences in how this has been depicted in my drawings.

To  review where I have got to I think I have been through 3 phases over the last month.   Initially I was very excited by the course and wanted to get going.   Lots of concerns but want to be engaged.

I think I have begun to look at form differently but it is far from automatic and is only achieved as I struggle to follow the exercises.

After spending sometime on the initial exercises  and looking at the OCA site and reading lots of stuff I became overwhelmed with the whole thing.For about a week I was at a standstill and beginning to worry that I have made a bad decision taking this on.

Now I think I have calmed down a bit and am getting going more tentatively.   However it is hard to let go of being successful with every exercise or sketch. I am still not that comfortable with sketching especially outside.

I have also observed that I don’t spend enough time looking and really seeing what is there as opposed to what I think is in front of me.   My concentration is developing slowly but I realise it is probably like any other muscle in the body and has to be used regularly in order to develop.

Often I find my drafting of the original image is inaccurate.   I know it is not “right” but continue.  I think this is linked to looking/concentrating.


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