Exercise 3 – Creating Shadow

Exercise 3Exercise 3-3

Enjoyed this much more than purely tone with charcoal.  I was able to use pens and ink which I prefer.   Not too good at formal cross-hatching but when I can be more flowing with the pen I like building up the object from the page and finding the form.

Exercise 3-4

For me there is more in this drawing – it has an energy and aliveness that I struggle to create with just tone.   Feel like my drawing skills are recovering slowly. This was drawing with a drawing pen.

Exercise 3-5

Thought I would try another one with dip pen and ink.   I like this too. Was not sure whether I could have worked this one further but somehow I like the way form is implied rather than fully drawn.


I do like working faster which working with pen allows somehow.  Or maybe it is more my thing.   As far as this way of working is concerned perhaps it points a way to use my sketchbook more – get away from pencil and charcoal and into PEN & INK.


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